Experience the breathtaking spectacle of a roaring fire through the expansive glass viewing area of the Hume, a wood heater tailored to heat sizable living spaces. Engineered with a specialised firebox to optimize heat production and enhanced by a 3-speed fan for improved air circulation, this stove boasts an impressive heating capacity, encompassing approximately 280 – 320 sq.m* of space.

  • Perfect for smaller rooms
  • Single Rod Draft Control
  • Steel Firebox
  • Quality Firebrick Lining

Standard Features

  • Heats approx. 280 – 320 sq.m*
  • Large glass viewing area (577 x 277mm)
  • Single rod draft control
  • Strong bakelite handles
  • Steel firebox with cast iron lining & a firebrick base


  • 8mm steel baffle
  • Airwash system
  • Powerful 3-speed fan
  • Low emissions: 1.5 g/kg

* Varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house and quality/moisture content of wood.

Specifications (mm)

Heating capacity 280-320 m2
Efficiency 65%
Emissions (g/kg) 1.5
Average heat output (kW) 13

Where fitted thermostatically controlled fans do not activate until fire heats up and may take 20-30 mins.
NOTE: Heating capacity and any burn times are a guide only and can be affected by some or all of the following examples: drafts under doorways or between floorboards, large glass areas not covered by heavy drapes/curtains, green, wet or damp wood, ceiling heights greater than 2.4 metres or cathedral type ceilings, poor  or no insulation.
Heating capacities are based on cooler Australian climate areas – warmer geographical locations within Australia such as Queensland, Northern NSW and Western Australia should factor an increase in unit heating area.
This is a guide – specifications based on the current model at time of publishing. Always refer to the data plate for unit specific details.


Regency Dimensions
A* 859
B 769
C** 539
D 152
E 170

* Measured to top of flue collar for height (Kingston, Gosford)
**Including Ash Lip (Kingston)

Clearances To Combustible Materials & Minimum Hearth Measurements

Clearances To Combustible Materials & Minimum Hearth Measurements

Standard Default Kit (2)

A 400
B 180
C 200
D 181
E 123
F 400
G 1015
H 1120


AHD Special Kit

A 450
B 300
C 200
D 181
E 123
F 400
G 1015
H 1080

Note (2) Standard Default Kit only required includes 2 lengths of decromesh.

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