Evaporative Air Conditioning

Evaporative Aircon Repairs & Service

Both an efficient and cost-effective way to cool your home, evaporative air conditioners are perfectly suited to the West Australian climate.

Evaporative air conditioners work by drawing in hot air from the surrounding environment and funnelling it through water-soaked pads. By leveraging the natural process of evaporation, these air conditioners are able to cool down rooms at remarkably low costs.

Joondalup Heating & Cooling can service and repair all brands of evaporative air conditioning units and install replacement units from $2450 which includes 10 year warranty.

Split System

Click here for split system aircon repairs, service and installs

Ducted System

Click here for ducted aircon system repairs, service and installs

CoolBreeze Air Conditioners

We supply and install a variety of Coolbreeze evaporative air conditioners. This outstanding brand produces its units right here in Perth and provides only premium quality devices.

CoolBreeze air conditioners have developed an exceptional reputation for many reasons, among them being:


Only half the price of a ducted refrigerated system


Last on average for 15 – 20 years

Low Running Costs

Require very little energy to operate

Low Maintenance

They are only recommended for servicing once every 2 years

Low Repair Costs

Components are easily replaced

Durable Filter Pads

Only require replacement once every 8 years

Servicing Special Offer

For early bookings before November each year, we offer a discount on our evaporative air conditioner service. For single storey roofs north of the river, you can normally save over $40 on our standard service cost. This service can book out fast, so get in early and beat the heat.

(Note: We don’t provide our servicing south of the river)

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