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Jarrahdale’s entire selection of high-quality wood heaters is crafted at a specialized production plant in Maddington, Western Australia, adhering to rigorous Australian Standards. Every heater is meticulously fabricated from locally procured 6mm and 8mm solid steel, employing cutting-edge plasma and laser cutting techniques. Additionally, Jarrahdale Heating meticulously welds, assembles, and heat-paints each wood heater, ensuring top-notch product excellence, resilience, and longevity.

Free Standing Wood Heaters


The Rhapsody presents a compact wood heater crafted to deliver generous heat suitable for small to medium-sized residences, accommodating spaces ranging from a spacious three-bedroom to a cozy four-bedroom home. Optionally, it can be equipped with a two-speed fan to expedite the distribution of warmth throughout the house. Moreover, the Rhapsody is offered as a built-in unit, ideal for fitting into a fireplace opening during installation.


The Convector Wood Heater is distinguished by its 320mm high pedestal, elevating the firebox from the floor and enhancing its visual appeal as a focal point in any space. With meticulous design, the Convector is enveloped with side heat-shields to provide additional safety. Its spacious door opening accommodates larger logs, ensuring consistent warmth and comfort in your home.


Recognised with an Australian Design Award for its innovative design, the Innovator stands out as one of our most remarkable and sought-after wood heaters, renowned for its captivating aesthetics. With a spacious, rectangular firebox, it commands attention in any space, complemented by a generously sized glass door that provides mesmerizing views of the lively flames. Capable of heating up to 232 square meters, it serves as the ideal wood heater for medium-sized family homes.

Jumbo Innovator

Our largest convection wood heater, the Jumbo Innovator ensures comfort in expansive, open spaces. With an extended firebox depth compared to other models, it accommodates more logs, ensuring prolonged warmth. Its impressive design includes a spacious, rectangular firebox and expansive glass door, providing captivating views of the vibrant fire.


The Countryman fan-forced wood heater stands out with its extended burn time and exceptional heat production, courtesy of its spacious firebox that accommodates larger logs. Its fascia is crafted with an elongated glass viewing pane, providing enticing glimpses of the fire. Ideal for sizable residences, open-plan living spaces, and homes with lofty ceilings or a mezzanine level, the Countryman offers an ideal heating solution.


Introducing our newer addition, the Clydesdale wood heater, boasting unparalleled burn time and heat production. Engineered for expansive residences and vast, open-plan living spaces, this impressive heater can effectively warm areas spanning up to 350 square meters with enduring, pervasive warmth. Not only does the Clydesdale excel in performance, but it also captivates with its modern, linear design and expansive glass viewing panel, adding aesthetic charm to any home. Rest assured, the Clydesdale ensures cozy warmth while making a striking statement in your living space.

Built-in Wood Heaters

Rhapsody Built-In

Ideal for delivering consistent warmth throughout small to medium-sized residences, like spacious 3-bedroom or cozy 4-bedroom homes, the Rhapsody Built-In fireplace is a superb choice. With two fascia size options available, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect fit for your fireplace area and home dimensions. What’s more, as all our Built-In wood heaters are crafted locally and tailored to order, Jarrahdale Heating can personalize your unit for a seamless, custom fit.

Convector Built-In

Presenting a contemporary integrated wood heater solution is the Convector Built-In. Its design features a seamless, linear fascia and inconspicuous, flush fittings, delivering a stylish and minimalist aesthetic ideal for modern households. However, beneath its understated look lies remarkable heating capabilities, capable of warming spaces up to 232 square meters. This is achieved through its generously sized firebox, expansive firebox opening, and inclusion of a 2-speed fan for efficient heat distribution.

Innovator Built-In

An eye-catching wood heater with a broad, rectangular firebox and expansive glass door, providing captivating vistas of the lively flames. Capable of heating areas up to 232 square meters, it serves as an excellent choice for medium-sized family residences. The Innovator Built-In incorporates a two-speed fan for uniform heat dispersion and is offered in two fascia size options, enabling customisation to match the dimensions of your fireplace area and home.

Jumbo Innovator Built-In

The Jumbo Built-in provides superb heating performance, ideal for expansive, open-plan spaces or multi-room homes. Equipped with a two-speed fan for uniform heat dispersal, it presents a majestic aesthetic with its expansive rectangular firebox and sizable glass door. Available in two fascia size options, you can tailor its dimensions to seamlessly integrate with your fireplace area and home layout.

Countryman Built-In

The Countryman built-in presents a remarkable and majestic wood heating solution, renowned for its extended burn duration and exceptional heat emission, courtesy of its spacious firebox tailored for larger logs. Its front panel features an expansive glass viewing area, inviting you to enjoy captivating scenes of the fire. Ideal for spacious dwellings, open-plan layouts, and properties with lofty ceilings or elevated floors, the Countryman stands as an exemplary choice for premium home heating.

Clydesdale Built-In

The Clydesdale stands as our newest and most exceptional wood heater, setting a benchmark for extended burn duration and remarkable heat dispersion. Crafted with expansive homes and spacious open-plan layouts in focus, this majestic heater provides enduring warmth, capable of enveloping areas of up to 350 square meters. With its contemporary linear aesthetic and generous glass viewing panel, the Clydesdale promises both efficiency and elegance in heating your living space.

Radiant Free Standing

Swagman on Pedestal

Crafted with contemporary, compact living spaces in consideration, the Swagman is tailored to suit modern smaller homes. As our most petite wood heater, it excels in space efficiency while effectively warming areas of up to 148 square meters, equivalent to approximately a three-bedroom dwelling.

Swagman on Legs

Tailored for contemporary, compact residences, the Swagman is meticulously crafted for modern, smaller living spaces. Serving as Jarrahdale’s most condensed wood heater, it optimizes space utilisation while adeptly heating areas of up to 148 square meters, equivalent to approximately a three-bedroom household.

Pioneer on Pedestal

Crafted for classic residences, the Pioneer on Pedestal stands as an ideal radiant wood heater, particularly suited to traditional dwellings boasting spacious, distinct rooms or living areas adorned with lofty ceilings. Additionally, it serves as a superior heating solution for drafty, less insulated spaces.

Pioneer on Legs

Designed for classic residences, the Pioneer on Legs emerges as an impeccable radiant wood heater, ideally suited to traditional homes featuring expansive, distinct rooms or living areas and lofty ceilings. It also serves as a superb heating alternative for drafty areas with less insulation.

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