Select the Windsor and introduce the cozy warmth of a wood fire into your home. Crafted for heating expansive living spaces spanning approximately 200 to 240 square meters, this wood fire seamlessly blends traditional charm with modern amenities. Enjoy efficient heat distribution, the convenience of an optional ash drawer, and effortless operation while upholding the timeless appeal of a classic wood fire.

  • Perfect for smaller rooms
  • Single Rod Draft Control
  • Steel Firebox
  • Quality Firebrick Lining

Standard Features

  • Heats approx. 200 – 240 sq.m*
  • Large glass viewing area (380 x 215 mm)
  • Front mounted air adjustment
  • High performance brick-lined firebox reflects heat
  • Cast iron legs in black
  • Cast iron arched door in black
  • Low emissions : 1.3 g/kg
  • Brick set


  • 2-speed thermostatically controlled fan
  • Convector airmate
  • Ash drawer
  • Outside air kit

* Varies depending on home floor plan, house layout, heat loss of the house and quality/moisture content of wood.

Specifications (mm)

Heating capacity 200-240 m2
Efficiency 63%
Emissions (g/kg) 1.3
Average heat output (kW) 9.4

Where fitted thermostatically controlled fans do not activate until fire heats up and may take 20-30 mins.
NOTE: Heating capacity and any burn times are a guide only and can be affected by some or all of the following examples: drafts under doorways or between floorboards, large glass areas not covered by heavy drapes/curtains, green, wet or damp wood, ceiling heights greater than 2.4 metres or cathedral type ceilings, poor  or no insulation.
Heating capacities are based on cooler Australian climate areas – warmer geographical locations within Australia such as Queensland, Northern NSW and Western Australia should factor an increase in unit heating area.
This is a guide – specifications based on the current model at time of publishing. Always refer to the data plate for unit specific details.


Regency Dimensions
A* 798
B 610
C** 630
D 152
E 163

* Measured to top of flue collar for height (Kingston, Gosford)
**Including Ash Lip (Kingston)

Clearances To Combustible Materials & Minimum Hearth Measurements

Clearances To Combustible Materials & Minimum Hearth Measurements

Standard Default Kit (2) – Rear Deflector

A 450
B 100
C 275
D 0
E 118
F 300 (7)
G 845
H 990


StateWide Heating 6141ws (8) – Rear Deflector

A 550
B 175 (9)
C 275
D 0
E 118
F 300 (7)
G 845
H 990

Note (2) Standard Default Kit only required includes 2 lengths of decromesh.
Note (7) measured from appliance door.
Note (8) Double sleeved flue kit (State Wide Heating p/n 6141ws) with 195200 rear shield fitted.
Note (9) Rear clearance can be reduced to 100mm with Airmate fitted.

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