5 Benefits for Choosing Regency Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces from Regency are built to the highest standards of quality, design and innovation.

Whether you have a vision to renovate or just a nagging feeling that your current fireplace needs an upgrade, you’ll be amazed at how much a Regency gas fireplace can do for you in terms of transforming your living space into one that’s cozy and inviting or adding extra cash value to your home.

Let’s get specific about why it makes sense for any homeowner to own only the best in gas fireplaces – Regency built.

Advanced Technology

Regency gas fireplaces are renowned for innovative and advanced technology features that provide efficient and effective heating while ensuring safety and reliability. Some of the impressive features include:

Direct Vent and Power Vent: With sealed combustion chambers drawing in fresh air from outside, these reliable technologies are designed to prevent any drafts or leakage in the home.

Firegenie Remote: Adjust your fireplace’s temperature and flame height easily, set an automatic timer on your heater and keep your kids safe with child lock features.

Power Heat Management System: Enjoy the ultimate level of comfort and control over your home’s climate with the Power Heat Management system. This system gives you unprecedented control over your fireplace’s warmth, so you can always enjoy the perfect temperature.

Custom Designs

Having a fireplace in your home can create a warm, inviting atmosphere for your family and friends, but why settle for just the standard, common look? Let your fireplace be an expression of your personal style and taste.

With an extensive range of sizes, finishes, and styles at your fingertips, you can craft your own unique fire design that will bring an extra touch of beauty and character to your home.

Energy Efficiency

The Regency gas fireplaces are a great eco-friendly option.  Not only do they have an impressive 80% efficiency rating when it comes to energy usage, but they also burn cleanly and produce fewer pollutants than wood-burning fireplaces.

When choosing this option, you can not only make a significant impact on the environment but you can also save some money with lower energy bills.

Realistic Flames and Effects

Regency gas fireplaces provide realistic flames and effects that simulate the look of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

They offer a variety of log and flame options, allowing you to customise the look of your fireplace to suit your style.

Trusted Brand

Regency’s impressive 40-year experience and reputation for providing elegant and reliable gas fireplaces have established them as a leader in the industry.

Homeowners trust the brand for their commitment to quality, design, and innovation, making them a trustworthy choice in heating.

Did you know?
Not only are Regency gas fireplace heaters reliable and durable, but they are backed by a comprehensive lifetime warranty – a sure sign that they stand behind their products.


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